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Harmony jets is nothing but

the extension of your family office

We enable aircraft owners to operate their private jets safely, efficiently, in the most economical way. Our core values are respect for our customers and cost transparency. You only pay what is necessary. Owning a jet is very costly and maintenance bills can run very high. Unfortunately, you often spend more than you should, paying commissions to various intermediaries for each service. This can raise your costs up to 25%.  It is even worse when you have to book your maintenance. You face two main difficulties: finding the right centre to accept your airplane and avoiding very high costs.


Yet, operating worldwide and

lowering the costs is quite simple

FALCON 100 F-GSLZ 10.jpg

Our maintenance centres will handle your airplane all year long, ensuring you will not be overcharged by an external maintenance provider. Our management team will make sure that your airplane will keep a good value for years to come.


Our expertise is here to safeguard your interests.

       You must rely on these two principles:

  • Find the right partner who can provide you with total control of your airplane.

  • Rethink your cost management strategy and get a direct view of what you pay. 


At Harmony Jets, we consider ourselves as the extension of your family office. We think the best way to lower your costs is to have total control of all the processes. You know what you pay for, and you deserve to pay for the right price. We consider that the client is a partner. And as a partner, we value full transparency. Each partner has direct access to his account, and is able to verify each invoice and pay directly the service provider. The best way to lower the cost is to work without intermediaries.

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Willing to take back the control of your costs?

Time is right to discuss your options together!

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